The Importance of Social Media Marketing

“71% of users online are more likely to purchase from a brand they like on Facebook than one they do not”

This statistic opens us to an important reality and opportunity in the modern world: social media marketing. If you do not know what this is, it is simply using online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to market and promote a business. Some companies may find this step somewhat daunting and perhaps unknown as it is a departure from the classic marketing strategies of direct mail and cold calls, but you will hopefully see the benefits of using social media to advertise your business and bring you money, which is of course the major goal of most businesses. Social Media Marketing…

Develops Your Image

The first benefit of using social media for your business, whether small or large, is that it can help develop an identity for your company. With your posts, descriptions, and interactions, you can show the online world who you are. Are you an honest business with tried and true methods? Are you a high tech company with new innovations? Tell the world with your content! Your customers should know what you are about if they follow your social media page. Knowing who you are as a business will make clients feel closer to you and more likely to invest their money in your product or service.

It Is The New Word Of Mouth

If you ask nearly any business owner from where most of their leads come, they will tell you referrals. People trust people they know more than they trust flashy ads or fancy slogans. This is why social media marketing works. Potential clients are more likely to take a look at your page if their friends have liked it; it tells them that you are trustworthy. Social media is the new word of mouth because people are referring your business to their friends whether purposefully or inadvertently when they like your page and posts. This can help bring you more clients.

Provides Closer Customer Interaction

At times, it can be difficult to reach your past and future customers. One on one contact can be difficult, but in an age where 25% of time users spend on the internet is on social media pages, you have a brand new opportunity to interact. If someone comments on your page, you have the ability comment back personally. When they like your post, they feel like they have a personal connection. This is important for customers! They must feel like your brand is able to connect and interact successfully; it gives them an indication of your customer service.

Allows for Mobile Accessibility

53% of adult cell phone users are accessing the internet from their cell phones. What does this mean for marketing? You need to be easily accessible through a smart phone. This is another benefit of using social media: they have apps to optimize mobile use, and you can use that to your advantage. 28% of internet usage comes from mobile phones. If customers cannot find you on their phones, you may not be found, but if you are on social media, they will be able to find you. These mobile statistics are only expected to rise in the coming year, so get in on the action now.

Leads to Your Website

I speak often in my blogs about how your main sales tool is your website, and social media is one more way to lead people there. If you have your site linked to your social media page, people are more likely to get to your site, which is the funnel to sales. Your site can also be linked to your social pages with the share buttons; this is a great way for customers to easily share your business with their friends.

Has The Right Price

The best reason there is to use social media marketing is the price: basically free. Setting up a profile only costs time. This type of marketing is one of the cheapest ways to get your business out there without spending buckets of cash. It is difficult to dismiss a nearly free way of advertising when it is proven to draw business into your site and money into your pocket.


Now you know why you should get your business on social media. Though it is inexpensive, this kind of advertising can be time consuming, so start small and work your way up. Soon you will find your client base growing and your company’s name being spread on the internet. But the information above can also help you if you already have a social media presence. Ensure that your social media page gives the correct impression of your business, ask for your followers to like and share your contact to reach their friends, interact with followers, keep your website address visible on your page, and keep posting to get the most from your page. Best of luck in all your marketing endeavors!