Ten Tips for a Successful Website


So, you have a business and are looking to jumpstart your success by setting up a website. This may seem like a simple task, but there are a few basics you should know before you begin. Even if you already have a site and are concerned that it may not be giving you the desired results, these tips are for you!
1. Know your goal: Do you want to connect with potential clients, sell products, or sell a service? What goal do you hope to accomplish with this website? When you know, you must keep it in mind throughout the process.
2. Know Your Market and Your Competition: You need to have a specific niche in mind when you begin. This will allow you to target that group specifically with your website. You also need to check out your competition. Look at their site and see what you like or do not like. After reviewing their site, make sure that your site is better!
3. Content: Content is the very reason that your potential customer is visiting your site, so make it worth their time. The information should be very clear and easily understandable. The content should also be easily found on the page and be relevant to the client.
4. Make it Captivating: The initial attention span of the average adult is eight seconds. That means your site has to pull in the user in eight seconds. You can do this by having an interesting image or an attractive page. And because your web visitor is unlikely to read the entire page, put important words in italics or bold. This will draw the eye and emphasize key points.
5. Simple yet Professional: While the page should be captivating, it should not be busy or flashy, this will only distract from the important information. The design should be simple but well done and professional. Professional is very important because it gives the customer their first impression about the business and the quality of your service or product.
6. User friendly: Your site should be easy for the customer to use. The pages must be well organized. Load times must be fast. The tabs must be easy to navigate. Long load times or confusing design will often turn a client to another source for information. You must keep them there with your site!
7. Promote: You have to promote this website if you want it to be successful. Share it on your Facebook or Twitter, keep it on your business cards, and tell your clients about it! You also need your site to be search engine optimized so that it can be found via Google or Bing.
8. Keep Updating: This is one of the keys to web success. The information on your site should be fresh and new. Keep visitors coming back! The more visitors, the more sales. This updating will also increase your rating on Google making it more likely for clients to find you.
9. Be Patient with Results: The results may not be immediate, but be sure that they will come. Sometimes it may take awhile for your site to become popular, but do not become discouraged. Continue to try!
10. Recognize when you need help: Many of these steps and tips are difficult to accomplish on your own without the expertise of a professional. It may be beneficial to spend money to accomplish these goals for your site. Know when to call a web designer or the like.
May your site continue on its road to success!