SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

More and more people are using mobile devices as their main way to access the web so as a website owner you need to cater to their needs and offer the site in such a format if you want to get the best possible experience and results. What a responsive website does is that it will automatically adjust the layout to the resolution specific to the device it’s accessed from. This helps lower maintenance costs with a site, but it also makes the site compliant with multiple devices and it delivers a great visual appeal and overall user experience.

Google loves responsive websites

Not only does it like such a thing, but mobile friendliness is part of the current ranking criteria Google uses. In fact, this seems to be especially true when mobile users are searching for local services, as mobile friendliness can really make a huge difference in user experience. From an SEO standpoint, the responsive website makes the entire user experience more interesting and immersive which in the end does impact your SEO rank.

A single URL and site

Before responsive website design appeared, the only way to have a mobile presence was via a dedicated mobile website. Not only does that make maintenance tougher, but it also impacts your ability to provide a similar experience to users no matter what device they are using. It’s a needed thing to begin with but in the end it can lead to an amazing SEO benefit as well. Separate mobile websites will not rank as well in search engines, so from an SEO standpoint the responsive website design makes everything a lot easier and refined.

A lower bounce rate

Let’s face it, people like an experience catered to their needs. If your website doesn’t work on their device, you will have a high bounce rate. Thankfully, a responsive website design will help you lower your bounce rate in the end!

Better user experience

The user experience was widely known as being one of the most important website ranking factors so there’s no denying that you have to address it properly. Thankfully, with a responsive website design the outcome will be well worth it.

In conclusion, opting for a responsive website design can definitely improve your SEO and deliver a great user experience for your users. Remember, you want to design the site for search engines but also for people, so keep that in mind and the results will be amazing! Keep it simple and to the point, try to focus on functionality and that will be very helpful!