E-Commerce Website Cards by Christine

In 1994, Chicago native Christine Rogers began painting, personalizing, and selling her notecards from the Archdale, NC farmhouse that she and her husband restored and lived in with their 4 children.

The family moved to south central Virginia in 2000 near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where she now designs her products from a studio in her home in Moneta. Although she is a busy Pastor’s wife, she is able to carve out time to devote to designing and producing her products, as well as doing custom work for clients.

In 2012, Christine partnered with Chattanooga based web design company Strafire to sell her popular notecards online.

I’ve had a successful business selling handmade products since 1994 but I have been apprehensive to sell my product online because of my unfamiliarity with the process. Strafire Website Design helped me so much and now I have incorporated a new e-commerce website along with an email marketing platform to help me communicate effectively with my customers. It has been transformative for my business! I am very thankful for their help and excited for the future. – Christine Rogers, CardsbyChristine.com

You can find the site here http://www.cardsbychristine.com.