Common Online Marketing Mistakes

Social Media We live in an age full of technology and online social interaction. Many will focus mainly on what this has to do with personal life, but this new age also offers new opportunities for business. We could focus on how inexpensive and advantageous online marketing is, but there are also plenty of mistakes that can be made when pursuing online success. Small business owners should know how to avoid these mistakes and maximize their business.

The first major mistake a business can make is making a website that is not professional or easy to use. The appearance of your website is the very first impression a consumer takes in about your business. Just as you would not send a sales agent out in a dirty t-shirt and ripped blue jeans you should not create a website that gives your clients the impression that you are cheap, unskilled, or unprofessional. A website that sends the wrong message is almost as bad, if not worse than having none at all. It will be worth the money to hire a professional designer to customize an aesthetically pleasing site if you are not especially skilled in this area.

Another major mistake that businesses make is not updating their site and keeping it stocked with new information. You cannot simply create a site and hope that it will increase your business when left to itself. You must add new information. There are several reasons to do this, the first is so that clients will revisit, giving you more chance of making a sale. Updating will also give consumers the impression that you are involved and can communicate well. Another major reason to keep adding to your site is that search engines will put your site higher up in its listings if they are updated frequently, making internet users more likely to come across your site.

This brings me to my next point: your website is far less useful if it is not search engine optimized. A simple definition of this is that search engine optimization ensures that your business can be easily found using Google, Bing, or the like by online consumers looking for a business. This is one of the most key steps in increasing your business online. 88% of consumers who search for a business online will visit or call it within the next twenty four hours. You cannot afford to miss business, but you will if your site is not search engine optimized. You are probably going to be better off paying for this service as it may be confusing and difficult to do this on your own.

My final online mistake is owners keeping their business off social media. The more sites your business is a part of, the better. Whoever your target audience is, they are likely to have an online presence through social media. These sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and dozens of others are one more way to get people interacting with your business and funneled to your site, and your site is your main sales tool. By posting often, but not too often, you can greatly increase your businesses exposure. The only concern with this is not posting too often. Too often varies with each site, however, and can be difficult to gauge. With Twitter this could mean four times per day, while on Facebook it could be more than once; it is a judgment call.

So, now you know what not to do while marketing your business online. Remember that exposure and professionalism are the keys to bringing in clients.