4 Steps to Build a Digital Strategy That Sells

The word “strategy” gets a bad rap by entrepreneurs or marketers who need to see an immediate ROI as result of their growth efforts. The reality is that strategy is the foundational building block to any digital campaign that can be expected to generate results (rather than hoping to earn results by happenstance).

Here’s the truth: a digital strategy is simply the plan put in place that everyone in the organization can look back on as a “true north” for a marketing and growth attack.

It is not a be-all, end-all source of truth; and it can certainly change over time. Here’s the basics of what a strategy must contain:

  • Identify who your customer is and what desire
  • Determine where your customer is spending their time  
  • Facilitate creative ideas to engage with your customer
  • Define objectives and goals that will determine success

That’s it!

There’s no dark magic or secret as to what goes into a strategy or the unicorn results that will come out as a result. Rather, it’s a straightforward process that you and your marketing team or partner must go through together to be able to achieve the highest possible return on your growth investment.

This is why strategy is so important.

Many executives or entrepreneurs will tell me they don’t want to invest in a strategy because they need their investment to bring immediate results.

I understand their reticence, but the problem is that if you invest in anything prior to having a set strategy on who your customer is, what their problem is, why they need a solution, and how you can best engage with them; the odds of you wasting your money are incredibly high.

Instead – we always advise our customers to take the time to understand the basics and then move aggressively to dominate the market as a result.

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