Growing Treetop Hideaways

Digital Team

As your outsourced digital team, Strafire will work with and for you to create the content and awareness that can grow the business.

There are a ton of tactics that we can use to drive growth. As we continue to understand the ins and outs of the business operation, and fully appreciate the opportunities and limitations (e.g. time and money), we’ll continue to refine our best strategies for driving growth as quickly as possible.

The most important piece to us is earning your trust. Developing a rapport and delivering value for you is more important to us in the long-term than any one project execution right now.

The Gameplan: Where we’ll start.


Tip of the cap to our friend William Glass for this idea. We’d identify local micro-influencers with between 750 – 3,000 organic followers in the target DMAs with whom we’ll collaborate.

These influencers will be offered a free stay + potential incentives (dinner, wine, etc.) to come, stay, and document their experience with Treetop Hideaways.

Email Campaign // Giveaway

We’ll utilize the existing customer email database to kickoff a Spring campaign that offers returning customers a discount code (5-10% off normal pricing) as loyal Treetop Customers.

Additionally, we’ll allow these customers to earn points towards a free night by referring their friends and family.

Social Media Content

In an effort to grow your brand and continue connecting with existing customers, Strafire will develop and/or revise existing content for social media distribution.

This will be shared to existing channels organically for the time being. Future campaigns may leverage paid social media strategies to drive sales.


Our partnerships range from anywhere between $1,200 – $5,000/month for outsourced marketing and growth engagements.

In the interest of partnership and future collaboration, we’d like to offer you a flat fee of $1,000/month to strategize, produce, and manage the campaigns described above.

Of course, there could be additional costs that come up as expenses (e.g. paid spend, giveaways to influencers, etc.), but our fee will remain at a flat cost for our initial 3 month campaign.

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to work with you, and can’t wait to bring great results together as result of our work.