Southern Chemical

Growing with a 33 year old chemical manufacturer that thinks like a startup is no easy task.

Southern Chemical & Textile is a family-owned and operated chemical manufacturer creating and selling products to serve the personal care, oil, and flooring industries. With a unique emphasis on sustainability and innovation, SCT needed a digital brand refresh and a compelling content campaign to best tell their story to customers and suppliers, alike.


Creating an online ecosystem to help attract, engage, and acquire new customers for SCT’s chemical manufacturing business.

Strafire has served as SCT’s Agency Partner in providing:

  • A redesigned and mobile-optimized website specifically designed to provide easy access of SCT’s various products to prospective buyers. The User Experience is tailored to engage customers with helpful and relevant content about SCT and the industry on the whole.
  • Social Content Campaign featuring SCT’s employees to aid in the recruitment and retention of top industry talent.
  • Feature Brand Video highlighting SCT’s history, legacy, and competitive benefits, including their exclusive partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Branded Tradeshow Experience including proprietary scheduling technology to allow partners and buyers to schedule time with SCT executives in the custom-design tradeshow booth we developed together.
  • Industry Podcast during which we interview executives and innovators throughout the industry to discuss news, trends, innovation, and more.


As result of our work together, SCT has earned the following successes:

  • Direct acquisition of a Fortune 100 customer
  • Wide industry recognition for innovation and messaging
  • Highest YOY growth in company history

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