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Plastic Solutions, Inc.

Success in distribution is primarily contingent upon two things: relationships and brand.

Our client partners at PSI have built decades old relationships and a well-earned reputation of being the world-class distributors of certified prime resins.

Like any true industry innovator, the leadership team at PSI wasn’t satisfied with the status quo, and decided to develop a new brand that their customers could identify with consistent quality in the space.


Develop an online presence featuring PSI’s keynote brand, “PrimaFlex ® .”

Strafire executed this digital project for PSI by providing:

  • A branded landing page highlighting the brand benefits and introducing new customers to PrimaFlex ®
  • Feature Brand Video highlighting PSI’s world-class team, operations, and product inventory for interested industry partners and buyers.
  • LinkedIn Sales Training educating PSI employees on platform best practices and opportunities for networking and sales growth.


As result of our work together, PSI has earned the following successes:

  • Recognition in industry-pubs for newly minted brand
  • Increased brand awareness due to web & video products


PO Box 11161
Chattanooga, TN 37401

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