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What good is a digital campaign when your product (custom industrial ovens) is so niche that you already know almost anybody who would be interested in it?

Our partners at Davron challenged us to find out. Together, we created a digital lead-generation system to bring qualified and efficient leads to the highly-skilled sales team at Davron.


Creating a lead generation funnel that would target and acquire relevant prospects while filtering ineffecient leads & minimizing wasted time for Davron’s lean sales team.

Strafire has served as Davron’s Campaign Partner in providing:

  • An engaging brand website structured to pull in relevant leads and discourage non-qualified prospects from continuing down the funnel
  • Video Content featuring Davron’s employees and facilities to demonstrate the standard of quality that makes Davron unique.
  • A Lead Generation campaign including content and automated sales systems to drive awareness, education, interest, and conversion within the small pool of qualified prospective customers.


As result of our work together, Davron has noticed the following successes:

  • Increased efficiency in lead and sales generation
  • Massive cost-reduction in both marketing and sales campaigns
  • A world-class user experience for prospective customers interested in Davron’s products

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