Growing Mega Patch & Gulf Relay

As your outsourced marketing team, Strafire will work with you and for you to create the brand awareness and sales content that will grow the business.

This relationship can look a variety of different ways. The most important piece to us is developing a rapport and earning your trust. Delivering value for you is more important to us in the long-term than any one project execution right now.

The Gameplan: Where we’ll start.

Website & Digital Brand

Your buyer is continuing to evolve and the initial impression a customer and/or driver has of your brand is contingent upon your digital presence. We’ll work with you to identify the branding and messaging that represents your brand online; then make your website reflect those themes.

Your website will serve as a sales tool to close business from leads generated digitally.

LinkedIn Optimization

Ensuring a professional outlook for your company and its employees is a critical step in owning your digital presence.

We will create unique content to setup your profiles with a professional and consistent presence in addition to shooting headshots for executive team members.

Original Content

Creating content will allow you to be viewed as a leader in the space, and as a media outlet that represents the industry. Positioning your brand as a content creator allows your team to invite conversations with sales prospects and even current customers that could be difficult otherwise.

Content can come in the form of video, podcast, and written articles or e-Books to drive awareness.


Our partnerships range from anywhere between $2,500 – $6,000/month for outsourced marketing and growth engagements.

Pricing is contingent upon the specific executions we decide upon for Gulf Relay & Mega Patch.

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to work with you, and can’t wait to bring great results together as result of our work.