Use branded content to tell stories your prospects want to engage with.

Today’s buyer isn’t only making decisions based on the trade show circuit and business cards. Your prospect is making buying decisions for their business while they swipe through the feeds of their favorite social platforms every day.

Identify Your Brand Pillars

There are certain people, services, and values that make your company what it is. We’ll collaboratively identify those areas that are foundational to your company’s story and begin to brainstorm how to bring those to life.

Introduce Show Concepts

In today’s economy, your company is a media entity whether you want to be or not.

We’ll help you develop the “shows” that will inform, educate, or entertain your prospect as we lead them down the buying funnel. These creative concepts can come to life as podcasts, video series, whitepapers, etc.

The magic is identifying your crucial value proposition and communicating it through content.

Capture Long-Form Content

Once we have our “shows” set, we’ll decide what method is best to capture long-form content for your company. Doing so will give us a library of content assets to work with, and allow us to re-purpose your content to reach into every area your prospect might be engaging.

Flighting Your Brand Story

Finally, we’ll decide together where the best places to promote your content and grow your audience is.

Do you need a LinkedIn campaign? Facebook Watch Show? Youtube Series? We’ll decide together and begin to scale your audience as result.

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