Why you should be THRILLED that Adobe acquired Marketo

Two Marketing giants have collided as result of Adobe’s reported acquisition of Marketo for a cool 4.75 BILLI.

This is a major acquisition that will shift the marketing landscape and expand the opportunity for B2B marketers to target and engage with prospects digitally. Martech Advisor summed it up well in a recent article:

“The Adobe-Marketo combination will enable businesses to:
• Acquire more customers through targeted, account-based advertising
• Improve campaign creation and execution velocity with access to an intelligent repository of content assets
• Use a data-driven approach to focus sales and marketing activities on the most valuable prospects and customers
• Deliver cross-channel experiences including web, mobile, email, in-store and in-person experiences that are personalized and consistent across channels…”

The long and short of it is that Adobe, who has famously led the marketing frontier in terms of B2C content production, will now pair with the account-based, demand generation capabilities of Marketo. If you’re familiar with either platform you can quickly see the possibilities of such a marriage.

The Martech Advisor article points out that a Marketo user can now gain access to AEM and Adobe analytics as an example of enhanced services. But the possibilities go well beyond that. Now, as a B2B marketer sets up her campaign funnels to target certain industry prospects, there is a high likelihood she’ll have access to the full sweet of Adobe’s products. She can then create and distribute content directly from an integrated platform to the targets of that funnel.

Say so long to the days of piecing together disparate pieces of software to cobble your B2B content campaign together. Now, B2B marketers will have the full breadth of the world’s leading content platform at their fingertips.

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