Webinar: Storytelling to B2B Customers

“Back in 2014, Microsoft released data that showed the human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish.”

Our friend Jeremy Boudinet, and the folks over at Prezi are hosting a webinar to show B2B marketers exactly why this data is flat-out wrong. He’s got an all-star cast including Mary Lou Tyler and Nigel Green on board to show exactly how storytelling can be used to overcome B2B consumer nature.

Here’s the promo for the event:

Without the benefit of context, I’d assume the data Microsoft presents is probably accurate. That being said, the challenge and value that a B2B marketer brings is conquering this exact issue.

We look forward to joining the webinar as we continue to build stories that share our clients’ brands with the world. Feel free to check out the link above if you’d like to join too.

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