Tech Tips for Growth: Should I Use Facebook Watch ?

Tech Tips for Growth: Should I Use Facebook Watch ?

Facebook Watch is building up it’s platform & offering incentives to creators who join the network as it ramps up to compete with Youtube.

As part of our Tuesday series, “Tech Tips for Growth” we’re looking at Facebook Watch (FBW) and how companies/creators can use it to grow their audiences/platforms. I had a conversation with a friend in the industry last week on this subject, and decided to dig a little further.

Since being announced by Facebook in early August, Facebook Watch has been the subject of debate and interest throughout the interwebs. From folks deeming it the future conqueror of Youtube to Bloomberg dubbing the platform as not ready for primetime; everybody has an opinion.

But you don’t care about that. Right? You just want to know if FBW can help you grow attention/awareness/sales for your business.

The short answer is: yes.

Here’s the punchline: because of Facebook’s desire to drive creation and views to the platform, they are driving a disproportionate amount of views for early-adopting creators on the FBW platform.

You’re probably familiar with how Facebook throttles the content you create to your audience.

If you’ve run a campaign in the past, you’ve noticed that your initial content does very well — but begins to get less attention/awareness over time (unless you pay Facebook to boost your post/drive ads).

Fair enough. Facebook is an ad platform and every ad platform on earth costs money.

Except when they’re first starting out.

FBW is in an awkwardly critical phase where enough people know about it and are curious to see if succeeds, yet not enough are creating/watching it to make it successful.

This is the perfect opportunity for YOU to drive some free attention/awareness to your brand for nothing but the cost of effort.

Let’s figure out how to do it.

Assuming you’ve already registered for FBW as a creator (see link at the top of article to get started), ensure your creator account is tied to your actual business/brand page.

Now, take your normal content calendar and brainstorm how you can create a mini-series out of it to run on FBW. Here’s an example using my show, The Startup Show.

  • Typically, we run a weekly (audio) podcast episode as well as a weekly written blog post (you’re reading it)
  • FBW is a video -based platform that is focused on consumable, snackable, episodic video
  • We’ve decided to create a short video-series based on our Tuesday tech-tips series that specifically airs on FBW and via podcast
  • The branding/messaging will be specifically for this show, although still a part of the larger Startup Show brand

Make sense? Essentially, we’re creating a new show that’s very simple, consumable, and interesting enough to be a part of FBW. This show will drive awareness to our bigger brands — TSS and Strafire — while taking advantage of the free awareness FB is providing for new creators.

So, yours will almost certainly look different. Maybe you have a nutrition business and you create a very short < 5 minute cooking show. Maybe you have a fitness business and you create Workout of the Week show. Maybe you’re a chemicals company and you create an “in the lab” segment that airs weekly and interviews chemists.

Whatever it is, make it natural to the platform, in this case FBW, and make it fast/simple.

The advantage may not exist long and early-adopters will always get the most out of whatever Facebook Watch can become.


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