Stop Ignoring Your Best Customers & Revenue Opportunities: A Case for Email

According to marketers, email has vacillated between dead and alive as a viable marketing execution for the past decade or longer.

Yet, we all continue to read email & remain open to being emailed by our favorite brands and vendors.

In fact, according to a study by Mckinsey & Co., email has proven 40x more effective in reaching target customers than social media. 40X! This kind of efficacy combined with the cost (free) makes it a no brainer for businesses who have a contact list of any sort.

One example: Our friends over at Davron Technologies.

Davron is an industrial oven manufacturer that has an incredibly niche customer base and enjoys deep relationships with the customers they do work with. As a result, cultivating long-term relationships with existing or previous customers tends to lead to significant business results for their company.

This is what got us thinking about email marketing in the industrial space.

Our average industrial customer has an email list between 75-300 customer contacts. Much like a small business, these contacts are intimately familiar with the industrial company’s offering and has some level of relationship with the individuals working on their project.

This scenario is a prime setting for marketers to establish an effective email marketing campaign. The combination of relationship, inherent niche content, and (typically) a dearth of relevant industry content makes niche newsletters a hot commodity for the customers receiving them.

We’ve noticed incredible engagement stats for our customers who have proactively begun to engage with their client base in this fashion. A few stats across our customer campaigns:  

  • 74% open rate 
  • 34% engagement rate (click, share, etc.)
  • 12% direct response 

These numbers are wildly higher than the industry average and communicate a larger trend: B2B clients and vendors are desperate for meaningful content that connects with their problems and offers solutions. Marketers will win in any context when they can connect their brand, company culture, or particular offering to their customer’s needs. 

Email just happens to offer an almost-guaranteed delivery mechanism to accomplish that goal. 

Are you sending a regular customer email to your contact list? What would it look like if you did? Finding a creative way to turn the mundane into an original source of value and content is a massive opportunity for every marketer reading this.

Let us know how we can brainstorm ideas or otherwise help!