How to Start a B2B Podcast

Podcasting has seen a rocket-ship like renaissance in the past several years as major talent and companies have invested real time and energy into the industry. As result, a question I often get is, “So, it’s probably too late or too crowded for me to start my podcast, right?”

My answer it simple.

There are a ton of reasons to start a podcast, but one one primary reason and strategy in the B2B marketing space that makes the number of “competing” or similar podcasts completely irrelevant. The current marketplace has seen email open rates diminish, ad effectiveness falling, and phone/direct sales evaporate entirely. So, a company trying to create business relationships needs to find a different way to identify and cultivate conversations with their business prospects and partners.

Creating a podcast accomplishes this objective. The creation of a media entity outside of your own brand allows you to hold conversations and to invite your prospects/partners to share their expertise and brand story. At the same time, you are now enabled to build an audience, share that audience with your guests, and build real business relationships with prospects and partners to build your business around.

With all that being said, here are the tools/process we use to produce our podcast and the podcasts of the B2B companies we serve.

  1. Build a list of your friendly prospects that would be willing to join the show prior to launch
  2. Schedule and record at least 3 episodes prior to launching the show
  3. On launch day, release at least 2 episodes along with an intro episode to introduce your show to your audience
  4. Find a sustainable cadence (1x / week, 1x /month, 3x/week, etc.) that works for you and STICK WITH IT.

To produce a quality show on a consistent basis you’re going to need the right tools (and the right team) around you. Here’s the toolkit we use:

  1. Zoom Recorder – this takes the place of a mixer board or recording from your computer. If you only get one tool; make it this one. Can’t recommend this enough. NoteIf you plan on recording with more than one person at a time the 6 channel option may be a better choice. 
  2. Audio Technica Microphone – these mics are pretty good quality and are very affordable. The feature I love is that they only record what is directly in front of them. Makes recording in an office/shared space more doable.
  3. Zencastr – helpful tool for helping your guests record audio locally from their computer.
  4. Adobe Creative Cloud – I personally prefer to edit in Premier Pro, though this is entirely a matter of preference

With this strategy and toolkit in hand, you’re well on your way to creating a B2B podcast that moves the needle for your business. The next thought in your mind should be how to take the content you’ll co-create and repurpose for content marketing and advertising purposes.

Feel free to reach out with you questions or specific thoughts. Happy podcasting!

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