Craig Fuller on Founding Freightwaves & Blockchain in Transportation

Craig Fuller is the Founder & CEO of Freightwaves, a media platform designed to provide information on the freight markets to the transportation and logistics industry.

Craig started Freightwaves after achieving various levels of success during previous companies like Transcard, US Express, and others.

We discussed working through failure, the ups and downs of building a media company, and an exciting venture Craig and his team have headed up called BITA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance).

From a B2B/content marketing perspective, what Craig is doing is fascinating. He’s essentially built a media platform to tell the story of Freightwaves and has leveraged that platform to grow BITA into an international organization that is now partnering with the likes of UPS, Fedex, Target, Salesforce, and many other companies.

Craig shared his vision for the organization, how content has changed his career, and what’s next for the transportation industry.

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