B2B Podcast Regrets?! (an interview with a Strafire client)

Creating a B2B podcast isn’t easy.

It probably looks easy. I’m sure it sounds easy. “Hey – just stick your face into a mic, have a conversation and BAM. You’ve got a pod.”

While not altogether wrong, this approach leads to a podcast that has very few listeners and even less interest from potential partners or prospects that can help you build your B2B company. I know from experience.

Our podcast, “The Startup Show” began with less structure and intent than what you might call “ideal.” We had a loose idea and pretty much hit the ground running with interviews before really planning or crafting our specific intent. Typically, lack of foresight would lead to a show that last 12 episodes and is never heard from again.

Thankfully, we were able to course correct mid-stream, and have been able to give our audience over 50 episodes of conversations we’ve shared with clients, prospects, and partners. 

So, how do you keep momentum going once you’ve decided to start?

Rather than drone on about some self-serving way of thinking that would inevitably lead you to hiring Strafire for your pod/content creation needs; I thought it’d be more helpful to hear directly from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Santosh Sankar is a former guest of the pod and current podcast client of Strafire. He heads up Dynamo VC and is currently in mid-production of their brand new podcast. As such, we decided to capture a few snippets over time of how the process of creating a podcast is going, and what he likes/dislikes about it. If you’re in the throes of creating or are considering starting a pod… this one’s for you.

Here’s what Santosh has liked and dislike about the process thus far:

  • Loves highlighting the passion and talent of those he’s getting to interview
  • Enjoys making complex topics conversational and enjoyable for his audience
  • Has found identifying + contacting the right guests to require more discipline than expected
  • Making the time to connect with and study podcast topics and guests

Santosh and his team are creating THE podcast for the logistics and supply chain industry. We’ll update this later, but be on the lookout for “The Future of Supply Chain” coming soon from Dynamo!

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